Check out our new Twilight Photography page! Dusk photos shot a few minutes after the sun sets capture your listing or vacation home in a

Twilight Photography by My Visual Listings Orlando

Twilight Photography by My Visual Listings Orlando

unique setting, with unique lighting. We use a steady tripod and remote shutter to eliminate any blur while we take several exposures that ensure the best quality image with the most amazing skies!



How to Prepare for a Twilight Photoshoot

Prep Prior to Shooting Day:

  • Make sure pool lighting is operational
  • Ensure timers are working and lighting is operational prior to the shoot
  • Replace burned out bulbs or broken fixtures
  • Test lights (Including interior lights that face windows) prior to arrival

Prep on Shooting Day:

  • Turn on all exterior AND interior lights that are exposed to the shoot area
  • Open blinds and/or window treatments that are exposed to shoot area
  • Keep windows clean
  • Visible outdoor fire pits or fireplaces should be lit
  • Turn on landscape lights
  • Turn on pool lights and patio lights for pool/patio shoots

Twilight Photography by My Visual Listings Orlando


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