My assessment of Casino Empire follows.

The names of online casinos are invariably intriguing. Some are concerned with appearing humble in an effort to appeal to the general public, whereas others exude a more ostentatious aura akin to that of a superstar. Regarding Casino Empire, it is likely unnecessary to elaborate on which group this specific name is associated with. It would be naive to accept Casino Empire’s claim that it is the largest and finest online casino in the world at face value. Determining precisely what makes each casino function is the reason why we conduct these in-depth casino evaluations.

In 2018, Casino Empire was established by Geomatic Marketing NV. Upon my initial encounter with this casino, it had been in operation for a duration of two to three years. This duration is sufficient for any online casino to demonstrate its true worth, so it is safe to say that we are dealing with a completed product—with the exception of the monthly addition of new games, of course!

Then, let us proceed with the matter at hand!

Aspects and ambiance of Casino Empire

The tagline of Casino Empire Casino, “Royal Gaming,” provides additional reassurance that patrons are invited to experience premium online wagering. However, the site’s visuals evoke thoughts of Game of Thrones, indicating that this is no ordinary empire; rather, it is one of those casinos with a mediaeval motif! Regardless, it is evident that a tremendous amount of effort has been devoted to giving Casino Empire a distinctive and aesthetically appealing appearance.

Casino Empire possesses not only an aesthetically pleasing design but also every feature one could desire in a contemporary online casino. The directory of game providers is readily navigable, and customer service is accessible and efficient.

Rewards and bonuses

If you are a dedicated online casino enthusiast, your search for an exceptional welcome offer may have come to a close with this one. A five-tiered welcome incentive awaits you at Casino Empire, beginning with 100% and 200% bonuses on your initial deposits, respectively. Nevertheless, the subsequent three deposit incentives have a maximum value of 50% each, which may put the brakes on the majority of bonus-obsessed players.

Due to the fact that Casino Empire possesses a Curacao licence exclusively, it was somewhat challenging to locate the wagering requirements, as casinos are afforded greater discretion in concealing their terms. Players are invited to place 50x wagers at Casino Empire.

Games Opposition

The opulent moniker of Casino Empire is somewhat tainted by the site’s limited game selection. Although there are approximately 14 game providers from which to choose, the majority of these are lesser-known names with fewer plays than Play’n GO or NetEnt. In my observation, the sole purveyors of particular significance were Betsoft, Microgaming, and conceivably Playson. Certainly, even these few names will likely last you for two or three sessions, but beyond that, it would be greatly appreciated if you varied things.

Additionally, the live casino section is somewhat devoid, featuring only Vivo Gaming tables. However, there are still additional table games available for your selection, including blackjack, casino hold’em, baccarat, roulette, and more.

Security and protection

As I was previously uninformed about Geomatic Marketing, the organisation that operates Casino Empire, I felt compelled to conduct an Internet investigation in an attempt to uncover any pertinent details. Sadly, I was able to locate individuals who testified against the safety and security of this casino, claiming that their withdrawals were arbitrarily returned to them. Certain individuals may disregard such allegations, but given that the casino’s licencing is not more stringent than that of Curacao, I strongly advise you to exercise utmost caution when engaging in player activities. In all honesty, I have a very negative sense about them…

Options for banking at Casino Empire

Casino Empire offers a variety of banking options, including Mastercard, Bitcoin, Visa, Neteller, and Paysafecard. When queried about withdrawal times, the casino support staff dispatched me an extensive copypaste response enumerating a multitude of factors that could potentially prolong the procedure. It then took departments less than twenty-one days to review everything and twenty-four to forty-eight hours to process requests, in response to my request for a more concise response. It goes without saying that these time constraints are completely absurd, given that certain casinos can complete withdrawals within minutes.

Advocate for

It is straightforward to contact Casino Empire’s customer service, as they operate around-the-clock, 365 days a year.

Regarding my experience at Casino Empire

One of Casino Empire’s few redeeming qualities was its visually appealing and crisp interface. Nevertheless, it is common knowledge that appearances are superficial. Although I had my doubts about Casino Empire at first, it was the absurd withdrawal times that ultimately shattered my faith in the establishment. Given that certain online casinos can process withdrawals within minutes, Casino Empire’s three-week delay is inexplicable.

I would counsel against visiting Casino Empire and instead search our database for an alternative online casino.






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